How to enable automatic email forwarding in yahoo mail?

Yahoo! Mail is an e-mail service which was introduced in 1997 by Yahoo. Yahoo Mail brings in useful e-mail plans for personal and business use. Yahoo! Mail once was world's third largest web-based e-mail service and is still a commonly used gateway even today.

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Automatic forwarding sends a copy of incoming messages to another e-mail address from your Yahoo Mail account. In Preferences, you can turn the email forwarding on. The forwarding address cannot be one of your email addresses for recuperation.

You can automatically send all of your Yahoo messages to another email account which you own.

How do you get this done?

  • Sign in to your account at Yahoo Mail.
  • Click the upper-right corner Gear button, and pick "More Settings. "This link, named "More Settings," will open a new overlay window.
  • Tap in the Tab "Mailboxes." The selected Yahoo Mail address will be displayed.
  • In the top region of the mailbox list, press your Yahoo Mail address. It will open your settings for Yahoo Mail account views.
  • Scroll down to the "Forward" Settings section. This will require you to enter a destination address for all email messages to be forwarded.
  • Type the email address to which you would like to transfer messages and press "Check." Selecting Verify would send a verification message to the destination address you entered. To complete the verification you would need to login to the other email account.
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Be sure to watch for and allow any pop-up as part of this process, if your browser tends to be set to block them.

Many browsers will block the verification pop-up that appears after clicking the "Verify" button. If the pop-up doesn't appear, click the pop-up icon on the right end of the browser address bar and allow pop-ups from Yahoo Mail. This makes it really easy to use.

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